TriPac is a full-service pallet supply chain and logistics company with over 600 local affiliates strategically located across the United States. We offer decades of industry experience and operating competencies to support a broad range of large and small format customer requirements including: manufacturing, removal and repair services, engineering and heat treating, onsite pallet management, wood scrap and cardboard removal, trailer and container rentals and more…

Pallet Repair Program
If you use and recover a large volume of pallets, pallet repair may be the service for you. Rather than continuously buying and selling your pallets, we can pick up, repair and return the pallets back to you or onsite repair at a price that is almost always lower than re-purchasing new or re-manufactured pallets.

Total Pallet Management
Every company has different pallet needs. At TriPac we are experts at analyzing the needs of our customers and setting up pallet programs tailored to their specific needs. Pallet management services involve a variety of components that can be provided “a la carte” or as an end to end solution. These components include, but are not limited to:

* Onsite repair and sorting
* Pallet retrieval
* Assisting in pallet design
* Analysis of current volumes, applications, needs

Just- in- Time Program
Just in time program allows you lower your on-hand pallet inventory, reducing capital tied up in pallets and maximizing your warehouse space. Based on your usage, TriPac keeps a specified amount of your pallets on the ground at our closest facility at all times. As the inventory is used, we quickly replenish your stock with loads held at our plant.

* Pallet removal programs
* ISPM 15 certified (IPPC Heat Treating for global shipping)
* High-quality, money saving substitute for a new 48x40, lowest cost possible shipping platform